Saturday, April 12, 2008

Vino Ventures...Wine Travels

I've revived my wine tasting and tour guiding business - Vino Ventures - to cover my Oregon wine wandering and writing.
I retired the wine tourism operation in Tasmania ( and returned to the USA a few months ago. I've been visiting vineyards, attending food and wine festivals, and pitching magazines on feature stories about Oregon's premier vintages.
I also started a monthly wine tasting society, called Third Tuesday Twilight Tasting, held at West Cafe in Portland. It's a fun evening with new friends and great grapes. Naturally, I'm alternating between Australian, New Zealand and Oregonian wines, which are very similar in my opinion.

I also will be contributing to a wine blog called produced by They have imitated my one-day Vino Ventures concept into a multi-day, multi-sport, multi-vineyard tour and I can't wait to help them promote the new tours in Oregon Wine Country and in my beloved Sonoma Wine Region in CA.

Drop me a line at for my Princess of Pinot tasting notes.
En vino veritas, Ms. DeeVine

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Tabitha Eck said...

The Willamette Valley truly has the reputation of Pinot Noir country. I hope that you make it down to the Southern part of the valley and check some of the wonderful wines we have down here. Eugene marks the center of this part of the valley. Within easy driving distance are about 15 vineyards with open tasting rooms and great wines. Perhaps the best know is King Estate, but not far behind are Silvan Ridge/Hinman and two region favorites, LaVelle and Sweet Cheeks. We also have a few hidden jewels such as the gorgeous boutique winery, Pfeiffer, which has no distribution. I found one of finest Pinots here. I have a truly blessed location to be surrounded by so much greatness. Hope you make it down!