Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rex Hill: Signature Wine of A to Z Wineworks

I'm a long-time lover of Rex Hill Wines - particularly the pinot - and I'm thrilled to be visiting the vineyard for the first time this week.

The very clever A to Z Wineworks company purchased the 25-year-old Rex Hill vineyard and winery last year - and haven't stopped growing more than grapes. They certainly have my vote of confidence and my vote for the best written wine website in Oregon.

I should know, my main writing projects at Copywriting Cafe involve web content overhauls of first-generation websites. I couldn't find a thing wrong with AtoZ and much to admire.
Since I'm a registered Donkey Party member, guess its time to buy another aristocratic wine (05 Rose) at a democratic price to watch the primary election results roll in!

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